Invitation to join Maximus’ Community Partnership Network for potential Restart wraparound

Maximus – the organisation responsible for delivering the Restart programme in South Yorkshire, – is inviting local providers to join its Community Partnership Network (CPN).

The CPN will be an integral part of the delivery of the Restart programme in the region. Restart, commissioned by the Department for Work and Pensions, will set out to support long-term unemployed people to develop new skills, retrain if needed, and find sustainable work, and will support an estimated 1.4 million people across England and Wales over the next 3 years.

Working at a regional level, the CPN will bring together organisations from the public, private and voluntary sectors to provide support to jobseekers, and to allow Maximus to fund innovative solutions to help more people find work.

This includes signposting to funded provision in the local area, the spot-purchase of services and programmes offered by CPN members, and collaboration to develop new services where they don’t currently exist.

Maximus believes that through the CPN it will be better able to meet the needs of local communities, working together to respond to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, long-term unemployment and physical and mental wellbeing.

Through the organisation’s existing CPNs, it has already referred more than 12,000 service users to more than 200 community organisations and partners, ranging from training providers to health and disability specialists and community groups.

“We know this approach benefits everyone, providing flexibility for CPN partners and a diverse range of support to service users,” said Maximus.

You can read more about the CPN in the attached brochure or on the Maximus website

Please find link below to the CPN EOI