Hallam supply chain degree apprenticeship expands to create future industry leaders

Reposted from Sheffield Hallam University

A degree apprenticeship that creates future supply chain leaders continues to grow to meet industry demand at Sheffield Hallam University – with more than 50 apprentices forming the latest cohort.

The programme, which is run in partnership with Clipper Logistics, started in 2018 with 15 apprentices. Next year, the University is hoping to welcome 100 people onto the course.

Delivered over three and a half years, the apprentices spend most of their time in the workplace, attending university for three or four days at a time in blocks throughout the year.

Working within Clipper’s logistics network and interacting with key customers, which include retail firms as Asda, John Lewis, ASOS and Marks and Spencer, the apprentices study towards a BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Supply Chain degree.

James Green, a supply chain leadership degree apprentice said: “I have been a degree apprentice with Clipper for two years now and the experience has been thoroughly fulfilling. Balancing a full-time job and a degree is a challenge but the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

“In less than two years I have already been promoted to the role of first line manager. responsible for overseeing more than 100 people.

James Green, a supply chain leadership degree apprentice with Clipper Logistics

“I chose a degree apprenticeship after my A Levels as I wanted to gain some real-life experience and work with and learn from people who are experienced in the best way possible. I also wanted to complete a degree course as I knew that would be an important achievement to have for the rest of my career. A degree apprenticeship provided both opportunities in one package which is what made this route so desirable.”

Dr Michael Benson, principal lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University said: “The relationship between Sheffield Hallam University and Clipper Logistics has grown into one of the strongest partnerships within the university.

“Both organisations complement each other, and together we have delivered a programme of learning that allows apprentices to develop specialist leadership skills in logistics and supply chain management using mainly work-based learning.

“We are so pleased this year as the very first Clipper cohort are graduating at our November Graduation Ceremony, and for me as I was involved with this cohort at the very start it will be a precious moment.

“It really is a programme that industry leaders should consider when looking for the next generation of business leaders.”

Richard Cowlishaw, chief people officer at Clipper Logistics, said: “As a business, we are passionate about developing our talented apprentices into future leaders.

“By implementing this programme in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University, Clipper expects to improve the future of logistics with a significantly more knowledgeable intake of candidates boasting real-world experience.

“I am delighted that the programme continues to expand and provide more people with the chance to thrive at Clipper.”

Clipper Logistics is one of the UK’s leading independent logistics companies with a turnover of over £650m and 10,000 staff.

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