B2W Group is seeking SEND participants to complete digital qualifications

B2W Group’s Building Futures programme is seeking referrals of special educational needs and disabled (SEND) candidates aged 19-24 to complete a digital qualification.

Building Futures is designed to support learners of all abilities as its tutors are experienced in delivering to SEND learners, making this is a greatly inclusive programme, according to B2W Group.

B2W Group claims a discretionary grant is available for all learners to help them overcome personal barriers such as by buying a laptop or taking driving lessons to help them to access more opportunities.

The learners will also be working with a keyworker to help them in taking their next steps once qualifications have been completed. The keyworker will work 1-2-1 with the leaner to ensure they are ready for job interviews. They will also job search with them and approach employers on their behalf to open opportunities, B2W Group claims.

B2W Group also has an apprenticeship team if candidates want to progress into work after completing their qualification. Alternatively, learners will have the option to complete additional qualifications to give them a further taste of the digital industry.

Make a referral

If you would like to refer to the programme or have queries please email brett.hudson@b2wgroup.com or call 07971 754  624.

The name, email and telephone number of the candidate will be required.