Sheffield City Council Youth Unemployment Updates Meeting (15 Feb) – Key Actions

Written by Cheryl Plant, Pathways and Progressions Manager, Lifelong Learning, Sheffield City Council

15 February 2022

This document is to outline the key actions that education, training and support organisation should take to connect with different initiatives in development in the city.

Presentation – slideshow

Youth Unemployment Levels in Sheffield

Please use this information to help improve your awareness of current levels of NEETs and youth unemployment in Sheffield.  This information should be helpful to you in shaping your offer or services.

Key Stage 5+ Inclusion (formerly known as Raising of the Participation Age) (slides 9-12)

Lifelong Learning will be imminently setting a series of dates to bring people together in themed discussions with an ambition to:

  • Share baseline data in relation to EET/NEET status, achievements and experiences of particular cohorts
  • Share current experiences/feedback from support organisations working with each cohort to outline what common barriers to participation are
  • Help education/training providers understand what LA/Statutory support is available to when working with specific vulnerable cohorts
  • Identify specialist support and provision for each cohort and identify gaps in provision/support – this information will form the basis of an action plan that will be progressed across the academic year
  • Agree ways to keep the conversations going

Themed discussions will focus on:

Children looked after/care leaversYoung parents and those soon to be
Young people known to Youth Justice ServiceYoung people from ethnic minorities
Young people with special educational needs and disabilities (will be progressed through existing groups)Technical & Vocational Education

Action:  Dates will be circulated asap but it is expected all discussions will be undertaken before the end of March 2022.   Please do sign up to these discussions either if you offer specialist provision in this theme or want to know more about how to support a particular cohort.  All welcome.

Launch of Community Youth Hubs (slides 13-15)

It is intended that the Sheffield City Council led Community Youth Hubs will be launched in April 2022. 

To give the Community Youth Hubs a real buzz of activity and to help connect young people to the great range of brilliant provision and opportunities we have in the city, we invite education, training and support providers to get involved by:

  • Thinking of taster/personal development/careers awareness/employability sessions that your organisation could deliver in one or more of the Hub locations
  • Short sessions up to 1 hour normally
  • Use this as an engagement activity to support our young people in the city and a chance to connect your offer with future learners

Please note, it is not expected that any activity will start until mid-late April.

Action:  To tell us what you can deliver through this outreach model, please complete this short form –

Padlet Updates

To date, two padlets have been created to support professionals in understanding and sharing the opportunities available as follows:

A mainstream resource populated with information from wellbeing to redundancy support to live vacancies, qualified guidance and more.  The information on here is mainly live vacancy information – see the START section of these notes about forward plan for provider provision.

An employment pathway focussed resource specifically for 16-24 year olds with SEND to complement the mainstream resource.  This additional padlet provides a range of information about specialist support organisations and opportunities to help young people with SEND move closer or into employment.

There is a further intention to create additional themed Padlets to support our other key vulnerability cohorts (ie care experienced, known to Youth Justice, young parents and young people from ethnic minorities).

Action:  Share these Padlets with your workforce, particularly those who support young people with their next steps. 

If your offer is not currently logged on there and you think it should be, please email

START – Labour Market Information Platform (slides 16-18)

Free to access Labour Market Information platform showing the key sectors for South Yorkshire which should be of use to you in your careers guidance/pathway planning conversations with your learners.


Check if your organisation is listed on the:

  • Post 16 Options Section for Sheffield

  • Or the Post 18 Options for Sheffield

Please note:

  • If you are based predominantly in another LA area, your offer should be shown in that area.  Only organisations with a registered Sheffield base will be shown on the Sheffield page.  If your base is outside of South Yorkshire, there is another area in development for ‘out of area learning’ and you will be listed in this section

Category Descriptions in this context:

  • Training Provider (an organisation with static offer (eg Study Programme or AEB)
  • Extra Support (an organisation who offers employability support or specialist re-engagement provision)
  • SEND (providers who predominantly provide education/learning for young people with SEND and/or Education Health and Care Plans)

Not listed or information incorrect?

If you are not listed or you are listed incorrectly, please let us know by sending the provided table back to to give us the correct information

Age Category (tick all that apply)
Age 16 & 17 
Age 18+ 
Provision Category
Training Provider (an organisation with static offer eg Study Programme or AEB) 
Extra Support (an organisation who offers employability support or specialist re-engagement provision) 
SEND (providers who predominantly provide education/learning for young people with SEND and/or Education Health and Care Plans) 
Contact Details (these will be used to create your START profile or linked to our social media account – Inspire_SY
Postcode (organisations who do not have a registered base in Sheffield will either be shown in the relevant council area or in another section for ‘out of area options’ 
Sheffield Progress Weblink (if applicable) 
Twitter handle 
Facebook handle 
Instagram handle 

Return to on completion

Youth Focussed Training Provider Network

As a council, we recognise the importance of sharing valuable information with our network or education, training and support organisations working with young people in Sheffield.  We want to continue our commitment to keeping a youth focussed network alive but we would also welcome feedback from organisations about anything that you think we should consider in such a network, for example:

  • Frequency of meetings
  • Key information that you would like to see/hear about from the council, partners or other providers
  • Things that you don’t want to see!

Action:  If you have a view on any of this, please do send answers on an e-postcard to

Next meeting of this network:  To Be Confirmed