Celebrate Social Prescribing Day 2022 with Heeley Trust (Thu 10 Mar)

On Thursday 10 March, celebrate Social Prescribing Day 2022 with local organisations including the Heeley Trust at its wellbeing open day.

What is social prescribing day?

Written by the National Academy for Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing Day is an annual celebration of social prescribing, recognising local community groups and projects which have kept us healthy throughout the pandemic and beyond.

During the week and in the run up to Social Prescribing Day, a wide range of individuals and organisations will be sharing resources and hosting events relating to specific daily themes.

Are you a voluntary organisation or community group delivering invaluable social prescribing projects? Are you a healthcare professional? Are you an individual benefiting from social prescribing? Are you an academic? Whoever you are and whatever your connection is with social prescribing, we want to hear your story and encourage your involvement, this Social Prescribing Day 2022. 

Get involved

You can get involved with these activities: