Inova Consultancy online networking events for women in business (10 & 24 Mar)

Inova Consultancy is hosting two online networking events in March around women in leadership and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Thu 10 Mar – Women in STEM

The first networking event will take place on Thursday 10 March at 4pm for women in STEM where people from Mexico, Peru, the UK and Europe will participate.

According to Inova Consultancy, you will have the opportunity to engage in conversations with other women in STEM alongside expert speakers. You may choose from a range of conversation topics such as developing networks; entrepreneurship in STEM; publishing in academia; mentoring in action; funding opportunities and working in academia abroad. Each conversation will be hosted by an experienced facilitator or leading expert in the field of STEM.

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Thu 24 Mar – International women in leadership

On Thursday 24 March, the second networking event will take place at 10am with a theme of international women in leadership.

This event will be celebrating the end of the Women Making Waves project which aims to raise awareness for the disproportionate numbers of women in leadership positions and empower women to develop their leadership skills and strengths.

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