IEP LiveLearnLAUNCH of ‘Coaching for Employability’ Program – Tuesday 15 March 2022

IEP is excited to invite you to the UK launch of our new professional development program in partnership with Bounce Australia called ‘Coaching for Employability’.

Taking place on Tuesday 15th March 2022 at 9.30am and marking the 100th LiveLearnLunch Webinar in our series, we will be joined by Maria Smith FIEP, Founder and CEO of Bounce Australia to present to you the details of this collaboration which will give employability practitioners access to two highly credentialed training programs – Bounce Job Coach Certification and the PEARLS System for Outstanding Job Coaching.

Speaking of the program Maria said “Working with the IEP to bring our programs to the UK has been an exciting journey. We’re so pleased to be able to partner with the Institute and give the sector access to Bounce training.

“Our experience with the employment services sector here in Australia has demonstrated how valuable wellbeing and mindset coaching skills are for people that work with job seekers”.

Bounce Job Coach Certification and The PEARLS System have been designed to give employability professionals world-class coaching skills tailored specifically to working with job seekers – particularly those that are highly disengaged and disadvantaged.

The Coaching for Employability program will give frontline advisers practical and powerful wellbeing and work-readiness strategies to support, influence, and nudge job seekers towards positive employment outcomes.

“When frontline advisers and managers have the right coaching skills and mindset, they are better able to support their clients, perform well in their jobs and feel great about the impact they are having.”

“Positive wellbeing, confidence, self-awareness and resilience are essential skills employability professionals need to have. Our training programs help people develop these skills and show them how to apply them every day.” Maria explained.

Bounce professional development programs are evidence-based and feature the latest wellbeing and behaviour change science, including emotional intelligence, positive psychology and behavioural economics.

Employability professionals that have completed Job Coach Certification in Australia have provided incredible feedback around the training. Josephine Bain from QITE has this to say about her experience in the program.

“I feel empowered by the training and able to mentor my clients in more ways than one. The training has opened my mind to the real outcomes and changes I can nudge my clients and myself towards.”

“Maria and her team are so uplifting and empowering. Their mentoring really does make a difference, and through their positive approach and simple lessons, I can become a better person stepping outside my comfort zone both in my employment and personal life. Maria is a blessing, and her ability to highlight attitudes and create a change is phenomenal.”

Scott Parkin FIEP, Chief Executive IEP said “The Coaching for Employability program ticks all the boxes for the IEP in demonstrating our commitment to professional standards. It offers an opportunity for practitioners in the UK to pioneer the Bounce approach as part of their professional development and is hugely beneficial not just for those looking for a career in coaching but for frontline practitioners who want to do do their job better by giving them the fundamental skills you need to be able to coach ethically and by giving them more confidence in their ability to coach successfully.”

The two courses are delivered online and are available through our Learning and Development platform (IEP LMS). The LiveLearnLAUNCH event is free to attend and open to everyone in the employability sector and we have a very special offer only available to those who register by giving you a chance to secure a place on an exclusive group coaching session with Maria Smith FIEP. Details of how you can secure a place on ‘The Employability Coach’ group coaching session will be shared during the Coaching for Employability LiveLearnLAUNCH on 15th March.

To register your FREE place at the LiveLearnLAUNCH of Coaching for Employability click here