IEP launches Employability and Skills Integration Report

Written by Scott Parkin, Chief Executive, IEP

A new report from Institute of Employability Professionals, the Good Employability Company and Nous Group

IEP, Nous and the Good Employability Company are investigating employability and skills integration as a major opportunity to improve sector sustainability. Over the past year, the Institute for Employability Professionals (IEP) and Nous Group (Nous) have worked with employability leaders across a series of workshops exploring what is required to put the employability sector on a sustainable footing, beyond the traditional boom and bust cycle of government funding. The result was a report, Building Sustainable Employability Services, released in October 2021.

One of the big ideas that came out of this collaboration was a desire to see closer integration of employability and skills. Sector leaders identified this as the single idea that would have the greatest impact on the long-term sustainability of the sector, were it to be successfully implemented.

Following the boom and bust series, IEP and Nous have partnered with the Good Employability Company to examine the potential for closer integration of employability and skills provision in the UK and to provide recommendations for how this might be accomplished. The initial research findings from this partnership provided context, framing and provocation for a workshop with sector experts in February 2022 to gather evidence and test ideas.

This new report ‘Employability and Skills Integration’ synthesises the outputs from both the initial research and workshop and a copy of the report can be downloaded at this link