Digital skills progressions for 18-24yos at B2W Building Futures

Written by Building Futures

Building Futures is that part of the month again where we are beginning to recruit for our next cohort of learners which will start on the 23 of May 2022.  Our current April cohort has now completed their Employability level 1 qualifications and are moving into the digital bolt on choices, the feedback so far is that they have enjoyed the course and gelling together very well as a group.

With the digital industry growing with online services the opportunities out there are only becoming greater.  Building Futures is a great gateway also into our apprenticeship team, who also are providing our learners the opportunity to interview for a variety of apprenticeships from Software Development Technicians, Cyber Security Technician to Digital Marketing and various others up to Level 4 apprenticeships. 

Should you have any customers aged between 19-24 years old and have an interest in Web design, Gaming, or IT programming then this is a great opportunity for them to take their first steps towards a career within the IT industry.    

B2W provide all learners IAG services and a separate functional skills tutor which offer our learners the chance to progress their English and maths levels which will transfer within employment settings.

We are offering qualifications to ensure this is inclusive to all levels of learners, please see below the overview of qualifications:

Gateway LEVEL 1
Award in Cyber Security
Award in Website Design
Award in Games Design and Development
Award in Introduction to Programming
Extended Certificate in Employability Skills
IAG Support

Each learner has an advisor discretionary fund of £300 attached which we can use to provide new IT equipment such as laptops and tablets or driving lessons, generally if our learners have a barrier that requires some funding, we can accommodate this support.

Please feel free to call with any queries or if you would like me to discuss the opportunity to your customers, for any referrals please email myself including the learners Name, Telephone number and Email. 

Brett Hudson Business Development Manager M: 07971 754624 T: 0114 3123652

Blades Business Hub John Street, Sheffield, S2 4QX