Webinar: Exploring workplace design for neurodiverse employees (Tues 28 June)

Tue, 28 June 2022 11:00 – 12:00

Crown Commercial Service has partnered with SouthernsBroadstock to deliver this virtual training session via webinar.

Understanding the needs of a neurodiverse workforce is a core requirement when developing a truly inclusive environment.

SouthernsBroadstock will discuss the opportunities that are uncovered when neurodiversity becomes a key consideration in the design and specification of the workplace.

• What is neurodiversity and why is it important to the workplace?

• What are the benefits for both neurodiverse and neurotypical employees?

• What are the benefits for the organisation?

• How do we design a space that supports neurodiverse conditions?

• How do we build a furniture palette for neurodiversity?

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