Trainee opportunities for young people with Grow Gardeners employability programme

Written by Grow UK

We know that it can be hard to get your first job or to figure out what you want to do for work. Which is why Grow Gardeners is here to help.

The Grow Gardeners trainee position is a paid job, working outdoors in gardens, where you will be taught practical gardening skills and employability skills. No experience is required, all we ask of you is a willingness to learn and to try your best.

One of our current trainees says: ‘It gives me something to do and I work with amazing people everyday. I’ve made good friends. My confidence has built up more and more, and all the existing skills I’ve had have all improved immensely. I know more about planting, watering and mowing. It makes me feel strong and have some confidence in myself that I can do things that I never thought I could do’.

100% of our current trainees would recommend the programme to other young people.

About the traineeship

Job title – Grow Gardeners Trainee
Contract – 10.5 hours per week (five months fixed-term contract)
Pay – National minimum wage, depending on your age (see government website)
Holiday – 25 days per annum plus statutory (pro rata)

The job is 10.5 hours per week. This includes:

● 2 x half day shifts per week working in client gardens. You will be working with a Team Leader who will teach you gardening skills, offer help and guidance, and will assign tasks. This will be in small teams of 2 or 3.

● 1 x 4 hour shift on a Wednesday afternoon. This is a team session where all the trainees come together to receive training, or to work on bigger group projects. If you have other time commitments, we can be flexible about what days your 2 gardening shifts are.

What will you receive?

We are committed to working alongside you and supporting you to develop personally and professionally. We will offer:
● Coaching and support to address any personal barriers
● Training in gardening and employability
● Coaching to enable you to become more skilled in gardening
● Personal development support, this includes developing your sense of confidence, wellbeing and coaching you around positive steps you want to take in your wider life
● A fun, positive and constructive environment, where we learn together
● A range of social activities, including a monthly get together, which you can join if
you’d like to.

What are our expectations of you?

Grow Gardeners is designed to develop you so we don’t expect you to arrive on day one with all of the skills and experiences you need. We simply ask that you bring a positive attitude, engage with the process and give the programme your very best. You need to be willing to work outdoors in a range of weather and you will need to organise your own transport to a central meeting point in Sheffield City Centre.

Next steps

If you are interested in this role, please send your CV and cover letter to the following email address:

Or if you have any questions please contact Sarah at

Closing date: 3rd June (We will hold interviews on 6th June).