Industrial, Environment Awareness and Warehousing course with Skills Training UK from Mon 18 July

Skills Training UK is seeking referrals for an upcoming Industrial, Environment Awareness and Warehousing course which starts on Monday 18 July and is for three weeks.

The content of the course will cover.

  • General Health & Safety Procedures
  • Machine Safety
  • An Overview of Engineering Processes
  • Process Safety in a Warehouse
  • Receiving Goods
  • Order Picking Practices
  • Dispatch Processes
  • Customer Care
  • RF Scanners
  • Arm-Mounted Terminals

This course will be delivered via online Teams, with live sessions each day from 11am, for roughly 1 hour. We also offer 1-1 sessions with our tutors, to cover anything the learner is unsure of.

If you have any individuals, you feel will benefit from this course, or would like more information, please email charlottewood@SKILLSTRAININGUK.COM.