Nacro Study Programme 2022-23 open for registrations

Written by Nacro

At Nacro, we recognise that learners need to develop their vocational, technical and
employability skills to ensure they progress into the world of work. Our Study Programme
is designed to put the learners at its heart, and so are customised to meet the personal
needs and aspirations of each individual. We will support you to progress; be that to a
higher level, into an apprenticeship or work.

Accredited qualifications

Our vocational courses are accredited to various awarding bodies. As you study with us, we will support you to develop confidence and self-esteem, and to gain the qualities and qualifications that employers want, now and in the future.

We work closely with local employers and businesses, making lasting connections with them in order to offer work experience and employment opportunities for our learners, as well as supporting local business. Full-time study programmes last for a minimum of 30 weeks.

Learner support

Learner support services are very important at Nacro. We want to make sure that your experience is the best it can be at every step of the way. We are proud of the pastoral support we offer to our learners and our staff are highly skilled and experienced at working with a range of needs, including those who may have emotional and behavioural problems as well as physical and learning difficulties. We aim to equip everyone with the skills they need to reach their potential.

Parent and guardian support

We know that as a parent or guardian, your child’s education is of the utmost importance, so we do everything we can to make sure that your link with Nacro Education is as strong as possible. We have a number of ways for you to keep in touch with us including regular progress reports, parents’ evenings and newsletters. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Depending on personal and financial circumstances, students can apply for a bursary with Nacro.