Referrals sought for upcoming B2W Group Building Futures cohorts

Written by Brett Hudson, B2W Group

B2W Group is back recruiting in Sheffield for our next cohort of learners for the Building Futures Digital Qualifications. 

A quick recap on our programme. B2W Group are supporting 19–24-Year-old NEETS in gaining qualifications in Web Design, Games Design and Development, IT Programming and Cyber Security, our courses are delivered online via MS Teams and learners have the support of our dedicated Keyworker offering IAG and support with learning whilst on programme.

All learners have a budget of £300 attached meaning we are able to purchase various items to support the further such as laptops, tablets, driving lessons and generally anything that will help move them forward.

Feedback on the programme

We are so proud of the learners we have supported so far on programme and thought I would add a little feedback from a few of our September learners:

I have found it really fun and enjoyable, and I have missed it today, it’s helped me develop a routine.


I came onto the course hopeful and willing to learn, but I came on with no experience in website design and I managed to build a website and get it done.  The support I’ve had to work through it all has been great.


I have been through loads of training courses like this through the job centre, now I’ve never really got on with them as they’ve all been just about getting you through it.  This is the first time I’ve felt like its all been run well and the teaching has been done really well and its not just about getting you finished and off the course, it’s been about learning.  Its all been done really well and it does show that you care.


If you are working with a young person that has in interest in IT and Gaming then this will likely be a perfect opportunity for them to learn and gain qualifications, build confidence and all whilst also gaining the support to move them closer into employment and hopefully within the industry they are interested.

Should you wish to refer a learner please email myself with your customers (name, telephone number and email address) I will discuss with your customer the content and support on offer and they will be able to sign up during this call should they wish..

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email and I will be happy to help.