South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Weekly Policy Briefing (3 Feb)

This week’s key messages

  • The Centre for Cities highlights that the official numbers of unemployment mask substantial numbers of hidden workers, particularly in large towns and cities in the North. 
  • The House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee explains that rising economic inactivity has been fueled by a reduction in labour supply, primarily caused by an increase in economic inactivity, particularly among 50–64-year-olds who do not wish to return to work.
  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has found that around 1 in 5 of our population were in poverty in 2020/21 (13.4 million people), including 124% (3m) in Yorkshire and Humber.
  • Local Transport Data from SYMCA shows the proportion of weekly bus use is 75.4% of pre-Covid figures and tram patronage is at 82.7% and the number of people counted overall at interchanges decreased by -2,554 (-6.0%) to 39,962 due to the impact of school and train strikes this week.

Please download the file below to read the latest South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority Weekly Policy Briefing: