Final call for Building Futures NEET referrals for 24 Feb start

Written by Brett Hudson, Business Development Manager, B2W Group

This coming week is our final opportunity to sign learners for our February Cohort and securing places for your customers on the Building Futures Course.

If you have customers that are keen to learn Digital (Website Design/Gaming/Programming) this might be just up their street.  We will also be supporting them with qualifications in Employability and Cyber Security.  

Course Start: 24 February 2023 (All online via MS Teams)

Duration 5 weeks (Monday – Thursday)

Eligibility: NEET 19-24 (19 years old prior 31 August 2022)

Please complete the attached referral form and we  will discuss support with your customer.

Customer Feedback:

Corey: I’ve had a lot of support – every time I have contacted for extra support, I have always had the support needed and the days I was struggling with my mental health I had a lot of support to get me through it and not let it affect my work.

Ross was one of our previous leaners and completed both Website design and Gaming so why not a look have below at what he produced.

Game: Zoomin’ Broom on Scratch (