B2W Group – Building Futures February Newsletter

Exciting new changes to support your customers!!

Partnerships that make a difference for your customers. 

QA Ltd:
Have you customers that are tech savvy? wanting to move their career into the IT and Digital industry?  Building Futures has partnered with QA Ltd to offer our learners the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications via their Level 3 & 4 Digital Bootcamps in such roles as Data Analyst, Software Developer, Software Tester and ICT Cloud. This is a great opportunity for completed learners to open the door to an quickly growing industry.

Working Minds:  The links between unemployment and mental health difficulties are proven and the effects profound. Unemployment creates uncertainty and uncertainty feeds anxiety and depression, the two most common psychological issues the NHS and Primary Care Services treat every day. We have partnered with Working Minds to support our learners going through difficulties with their mental health.  Through their Working Minds counselling specialists they will be able to access professional support to help them in overcoming these barriers and moving forward to a brighter future.

The Trussell Trust:
We have become referral partners with Sheffield Foodbanks and the Trussell Trust network allowing us to access support for food hampers for our learners that are really struggling financially to simply get by right now.  Nobody should be going hungry in this day and age so hopefully this little bit of support can make a big difference.

Recruiting 19-24 year old Learners Now!!!

Recruiting 19-24 year old Learners Now!!! It is that time of the month where your customers can get enrolled and ready to access new qualifications. 

Listed below are the qualifications whilst also having access to their dedicated Keyworker to support them on their journey whether employment or further education. Level 1 Gateway Qualifications: Extended Certificate in Employability Award in Cyber Security Website Design Games design and Development Introduction into programming Please email brett.hudson@b2wgroup.com to make your referral (Learners must have turned 19 on or before the 31st August 2022)