Autistica Employers Guide to Neurodiversity

Written by Autistica (

Today we launch the Autistica Employers Guide to Neurodiversity. This is an online Guide aimed at companies looking to recruit, support and retain neurodiverse teams. The Autistica Employers Guide to Neurodiversity features three resources, based on the latest research:

  • Inclusive interviews  
  • Making your workplace accessible
  • Talking about autism and neurodiversity at work

This Guide is the first step towards achieving our goal: to double the number of autistic people in work by 2030. Right now, just 2 in 10 autistic people are in work, but many more can and want to work. And we know that neurodiverse teams are good for business. We have been working on neurodiversity research and corporate partnerships for over seven years. We’re now looking to work with more companies than ever before.

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