Complete the Sheffield City Goals Survey

What is City Goals all about?

As the city emerged from the worst of the pandemic, it became clearer than ever to the city’s leaders that Sheffield needed a new economic plan. A plan to deliver more inclusive and sustainable growth reflecting the priorities and values for our City’s future.

In summer 2022, the Sheffield City Partnership asked a few of its members to work in a voluntary capacity to bring together a Working Group. That Working Group would also include more diverse and ‘community focussed’ representatives from organisations including Sheffield Social Enterprise Network, Voluntary Action Sheffield, the Green Estate and the Race Equality Commission.

The core purpose of the Working Group has been to think about how to kick-start a conversation across the whole city which is designed to build a set of shared City Goals that shape the future of Sheffield.

These City Goals will serve as Sheffield’s ‘North Stars’ that describe the kind of city we want to be and the outcomes we want to achieve.

In our discussions the Working Group has identified three critical considerations for the successful delivery of the City Goals:

We must confront the challenges facing our city, and what the future holds, by moving forward together. As the cost-of-living hits hard, the climate changes and as the future becomes more uncertain, the need for Sheffield to have some clear City Goals becomes more urgent.

This is not another consultation that leads nowhere. We hope friends, families, colleagues, strangers and communities will come together to answer some important questions about the future we all want for our city that will trigger lasting change in how this city works.

Everyone must have a voice and be able to play an active and positive role in shaping Sheffield’s future.

The Working Group is there to ensure that Sheffield has some clearly defined and agreed shared City Goals. In time the work of the Working Group will finish. Until then, our focus is to ensure this conversation is open, transparent and honest.

This is about inviting everyone who cares about Sheffield to join this conversation about a shared vision for our city. This is about our city’s institutions working harder to listen and respond to our communities. This is your chance to make a real difference and make Sheffield a better place for everyone.

The journey in agreeing our shared goals will not always be easy or straightforward but by working together we can shape a brighter future for Sheffield.

The city needs you now – become a part of the conversation today and join us.

Sheffield City Goals will be developed through an open process of engagements allowing the people of Sheffield to come together through:
  • An online digital survey open to all.
  • Workshops with key stakeholders.
  • Workshops with communities often underrepresented in city-wide conversations.

Complete the Survey

This survey will take you between 15-20 minutes to fill in, depending on the length of your responses. We appreciate you taking the time to share your views in our first step in the process of setting our City Goals.

This survey is split into three themes – the city itself, the neighbourhoods within it and the people. We invite you to complete as much or as little of the survey as you’d like.