Work placements needed to support Sector Routeways courses

Sector Routeways is a programme that offers candidates the opportunity to take part in both classroom based study and work placements in order to gain a qualification and progress more effectively into employment.

The Sector Routeways team are looking for organisations to support either a part-time or full-time two week work placement in either Digital Marketing or Business Admin. The hours and general responsibilities can be flexible depending on what is needed, however it would be expected that the candidates would shadow experienced staff members initially before taking on some projects independently in order to further develop their skills in the sector.

This could be a potential recruitment solution for organisations offering placements, as the Sector Routeways team will do the initial vetting to ensure that the candidates have the right skills and aptitude to make them the right fit for your organisation. This may also be something that works towards achieving Social Value targets and goals.

If you are interested in finding out more or offering a work placement, contact Sithee Kotecha