DWP and CIPD: Helping line managers become disability confident

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has issued new guidance for line managers designed to make workplaces more inclusive for those with a disability or health condition.

Working in collaboration with CIPD, DWP has published a good practice guide for line managers on recruiting, managing and developing people with a disability or health condition. The guide is part of the DWP’s ‘Disability Confident’ scheme, and includes tips for managers on practical matters such as helping colleagues feel comfortable talking about disability in the workplace.

The guide outlines the business case for recruiting and developing individuals with disabilities, which is based around the acquisition of untapped – and all too often overlooked – talent recruiting individuals who are likely to be loyal and committed to their employer, having been given an opportunity.

The government has also launched a Voluntary Reporting framework, which encourages employers to report the steps they are taking to support their disabled employees and promote employee health and well-being. It also provides support for employers on reporting the percentage of individuals in their organisation who have a disability, or a long-term physical or mental health condition.

Included in the guidance

The guidance provides practical advice to line managers on a host of key issues, including:

  • attracting a wide range of talent
  • welcoming new starters and creating an accessible induction
  • the day-to-day management of employees with a disability or health condition
  • the duty to make reasonable adjustments
  • disclosure and confidentiality
  • an effective framework for retaining people
  • managing performance and development
  • career progression
  • further sources of information and support

According to CIPD, people managers play “a crucial role” in supporting people with a disability or health condition to thrive at work.

“This guidance provides the practical information and tools line managers need to be both confident and competent to have sensitive conversations, intervene when needed, and ensure the right adjustments are in place,” the HR body stated.

“We believe the positive impact this can have on building inclusive workplaces with engaged and productive employees is extensive and far-reaching.”

Further information

To download ‘Guide for line managers: Recruiting, managing and developing people with a disability or health condition’ click here.


To view the original CIPD press release, click here