Discounted ‘social tarrifs’ on broadband for benefits claimants

Reproduced from Money Saving Expert

People in the UK who are claiming benefits may be due cheap, long-term ‘social tarrifs’ on broadband. Listed below is a list, created by Money Saving Expert, of broadband providers offering incentives to jobseekers claiming financial aid.

The standard comparison will generally have cheaper headline prices due to newbies’ sign-up incentives. So they usually win for regular switchers. Yet if you want to stick with a provider for more than a year or so, then social tariffs are likely to be the cheapest route.

TalkTalk broadband (no line) – six months free

Free average 38Mb speed broadband only (no line) for six months is available to jobseekers on universal credit who don’t have an internet connection. Eligibility is determined by Jobcentre staff.

Broadband customer service: 4.5/10

Apply via Jobcentre

BT Home Essentials broadband & line

Prices of £15/month (£9.99 upfront) for average 36Mb speed or £20/month (£9.99 upfront) for average 67Mb speed broadband available if you are receiving one of the following:

  • Universal credit
  • Employment and support allowance
  • Pension credit (guarantee credit element)
  • Income support
  • Jobseeker’s allowance.

Broadband customer service: 6.2/10

Apply on the BT Home Essentials website

Virgin Media Essential broadband (no line)

A price of £15/month for average 15Mb speed broadband only (no line) available to those receiving universal credit and living in the 52% of the country covered by Virgin Media.

Broadband customer service: 3.9/10

Apply on the Virgin Media Essential broadband website