New campaign calls on trained nurses and midwives to return to the NHS

The NHS is looking to make contact with any former nurses or midwives who have left the profession but may be interested in rejoining the national health service.

Returning healthcare professionals have a key role to play in ensuring patients and service users have access to experienced and well-trained care staff equipped with the right skills.

The NHS has many healthcare professionals who returned to the profession they loved working in acute, community and primary care settings across England.  

Return to practice initiatives have seen thousands of people commence training to return to practice in nursing and other professions, but more can be done. 

The national return-to-practice scheme for nurses has been run by HEE since 2014 and provides experienced nurses with training and a route back into the NHS. The programme has supported 7978 nurse returners since its inception in 2014.



Find out more about our current return to practice programmes at the following link