Learning Curve Group recruiting for Pre-Uniformed Services training

Learning Curve Group recruiting for a Pre-Uniformed Services training course, designed for individuals who want to prepare for the forces assessment process.

The NCFE L1 and L2 Diploma in Uniformed Services includes team work and communication, wellbeing and physical fitness, developing self-discipline, map-reading and navigation and  adventurous activities. The course involves a stay at Catterick Garrison.

The course will be structured mainly around the military style and ethos of training.  The course involves:

  • Field Craft
  • Navigation
  • First Aid
  • Health and fitness training
  • Confidence and team-building
  • Outdoor adventure
  • Career information and scope
  • Functional Skills English & Maths for all students who do not already have a grade C at GCSE.
  • Daily fitness sessions

The course has been tailored to be a suitable mix of theory and hands-on practical training. Participants will learn about all the different Military and Public service careers, the requirements, the trades on offer and future progression routes within those services.

They will also learn as they learn and realise the diverseness of their job roles and why tasks are carried out in the manner they are. Participants will have the opportunity to participate in adventure training and experience some of the Uniformed Services training facilities, all of which goes towards their overall qualification.

Further information

To view the course flyer, click here

To view the course prospectus, click here

Contact details

For more information, please contact Martin Greening.

Tel:   07458 009552    Email:   martin.greening@learningcurvegroup.co.uk

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